Libraries transform communities. Over the past year, this simple message has been at the center of the “Libraries Transform” advocacy campaign spearheaded by the American Library Association (ALA). Beginning with simple statements such as “Because Fake News Can Have Real-World Consequences” and “Because Students Can’t Afford Scholarly Journals on a Ramen Noodle Budget,” ALA and… Read More

Best known as a musician and the lead guitarist and songwriter for “The Band,” Robbie Robertson has just published Testimony, his new memoir. In Testimony, you’ll find a treasure-trove of memories and headline news from Robertson, detailing his childhood in Canada, growing up on the Six Nations Indian Reserve and in Toronto, through his ground-breaking work… Read More

Are you a first-year student and want to show off your research skills? If so, get prepared to apply for the new First-Year Program Library Research Prize! The DePaul University Library will be offering the new Library Research Prize in conjunction with—and in addition to—the existing First-Year Program Writing Showcase from DePaul’s College of Liberal Arts… Read More

In preparation for the upcoming renovation of the second floor of the John T. Richardson Library, a number of materials from our collections are being reviewed and re-shelved. Throughout the winter and spring quarters, materials may be moved to new areas on the second floor, or elsewhere in the building, so that we are ready… Read More

Centuries before J.K. Rowling gave her devoted readers the fictional textbook, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Ambroise Paré (1510-1590) compiled his own textbook that included descriptions of unicorns, basilisks, and centaurs. A 1678 translation of renowned surgeon Ambroise Paré’s collected work, The Works of That Famous Chirurgeon Ambrose Parey, was recently acquired by… Read More

While 2015 saw us help to launch Chicago Collections and 2017 brings us the promise of another library renovation, no-one at the DePaul University Library lacked for opportunities to contribute to teaching, learning, and research at the university during 2016. Here’s a chance to revisit our top stories of the year as we get ready for more… Read More

For the past few years, Special Collections and Archives has selected images from our collections to be used on Christmas cards sent by the University Library to friends, donors, faculty, and community members.  This year’s card features St. Vincent de Paul in a winter scene with orphans and angels overhead in bold colors who are both… Read More

On November 16th, the DePaul University Library hosted the inaugural open house for Studio Chi, a new center for faculty development at DePaul that “will foster and support research at the interface between humanities and computing.” Building on the teaching, learning, and research collaborations that have been explored in the John T. Richardson Library Scholar’s Lab,… Read More

Women’s organizations used charity cookbooks as fundraising resources beginning in the Civil War era. By the turn of the twentieth century, suffragettes increasingly used this format to reinforce their connection to traditional American values while promoting their political cause. The Washington Women’s Cook Book is an example of the variety of recipes and local flare… Read More

Jackson Park Sanitarium Cookbook

While individual physicians and moralists published recipe guides that supported their diet and health theories, women’s groups began authoring cookbooks sold as fundraising efforts in the nineteenth century. These community or charity cookbooks gathered recipes from a region or sponsoring organization to raise funds for local causes. American charity cookbooks became popular during the Civil… Read More