Are your shoulders starting to feel knotted?  Has your primary food for the last week been coffee? Are your arms locked in typing position? If so, it could be the onset of Final-itis! The best treatment for a critical case of the finals is eating right, relaxing and maybe patting a doggie.   Brain Fuel… Read More

In collaboration with the First-Year Writing Program, the DePaul University Library is thrilled to announce the winners of the 2018 Library Research Prize: Lexi Jackson, Shane Waggoner and Lauren Yaccino. Their essays respectively covered the areas of gender and sexual identity, college student mental health, and net neutrality. All three winners were honored and presented… Read More

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The John T. Richardson Library will close early on Friday, 5/25, at 6:00pm due to FEST. Regular hours will resume for Saturday, 5/26 and Sunday, 5/27. On Memorial Day, Monday, 5/28, the John T. Richardson Library will be open with reduced hours from 12:00-6:00pm. The Loop Library will be closed on Memorial Day.… Read More

In the autobiographical I Am, I Am, I Am, Seventeen Brushes With Death, Maggie O’Farrell chronicles 17 personal near-death experiences.  Each of the events is recounted in its own essay; some stories are short and fleeting, some are more complicated, with far-reaching consequences.  In telling these tales, she creates a full narrative of her life, weaving a… Read More

Earlier this year, the DePaul University Library and the Student Government Association co-sponsored a panel on “open textbooks” as part of our celebration of Open Education Week and as part of our ongoing collaboration with faculty to promote the use of open educational resources (OERs) at DePaul. All participants at that panel – students, faculty,… Read More

Devil Would Talk

Comic book readers have long been aware of a shared universe, where characters from different titles interact with each other and storylines mingle (think of the Avengers or the Justice League). The universe of Christian comics is probably less familiar to most readers, though College of Communication’s Blair Davis aims to change that. Dr. Davis… Read More

Because you deserve to know what they know about you. Libraries Transform

  This week, the DePaul University Library joins libraries across the country in reminding all members of their communities of the importance of individual privacy rights, and promoting the unique role of libraries and librarians in protecting privacy in the digital age. Privacy, especially the privacy of data documenting our behavior and preferences across digital… Read More

This edition of the Full Text is brought to you by members of the DePaul University Library EDGE Team: Danielle Comp, Emily Getner, and Kaitlyn Grady. They have been sharing their perspectives as first-year students and new users of University Library services in a series of career skill-building projects this year. Read on to find… Read More

This year, National Student Employment Week coincided with National Library Week from April 9-13. The DePaul University Library employs 50 student workers across all departments where they process new items, reshelve books, create digital content, and connect library users to the information they need. To acknowledge our students’ contributions to the efficient operation of both… Read More