Year: 2010

Saint Vincent’s Reading List XII Vincent de Paul and the Gondi Family

Corbinelli, Jean de. Histoire genealogique de la maison de Gondi. Paris: Chez Jean-Baptiste Cognard, 1705. Call Number: SpC. 929.74 C791h1705   Antoine de Gondi (1486-1560), a member of the illustrious Florentine family, first came to France at the beginning of the sixteenth century rising to prominence under Henry II and

Bygone DePaul: McCormick Theological Seminary and the East Campus

Bygone DePaul is a series highlighting DePaul’s campus and how it has changed through the years. In 1969, the Stone Academic-Administration Building of the McCormick Theological Seminary was taken over by the Poor People’s Coalition, led by the Young Lords. The Young Lords were a Puerto Rican youth organization fighting

Saint Vincent’s Reading List XI: St. Vincent de Paul and the Jansenists

Antoine Arnauld. De la Frequente Communion: ou les sentiments des peres, des papes, et des conciles, touchant l’usage des sacremens de penitence & d’eucharistie, sont fidelement exposez… Paris : Antoine Vitre, 1644. Call Number: SpC. 234.163 A745d1644   When Vincent de Paul was canonized in 1737, the bull of canonization

Get ‘Em While They’re Fresh: New Books for October 2010

Peter Drucker was one of the most dominant management philosophers of the 20th century. Today his influence extends beyond corporate managers to publishers profiting from an extensive array of Drucker-related books. New to the Loop Campus Library collection, the following three books present fresh insights into Drucker’s wisdom. Before his

St. Vincent’s Reading List X: Saint Vincent and the Hôtel-Dieu of Paris

Constitutions des Religieuses Hospitalieres de la Charite Notre Dame, de l’ordre de St. Augustin: etablies a Paris par l’authorite de monseigneur l’illustrissime & reverendissime messier Jean Francois de Gondy, archevesque de Paris. 1652. Call Number: SpC 271.91R392c1640   One of the most important charitable institutions of Paris during St. Vincent’s

Bygone DePaul: Rev. Daniel McHugh, C.M. and Halley’s Comet

Bygone DePaul is a series highlighting DePaul’s campus and how it has changed through the years. One of the most exciting periods in DePaul University’s history occurred in 1909 and 1910, when Rev. Daniel McHugh was the first Chicagoan to sight Halley’s Comet (Halley’s Comet is a periodic comet, and