Month: February 2012

St. Vincent’s Reading List XXVI: Michel de Marillac’s contributions to devot spirituality

L’Imitation de Jesus Christ: divisez en 4. livres, composez par Thomas a Kempis, chanoine regulier et nouvellement mis en Francois par M.R.G.A.; avec une Methode pour lire avec fruict les livres de l’Imitation de Jesus Christ. A Paris : chez Jean Roger, 1646. Call Number: SpC. 242 I32Fm1646   The

With Telescopes and Microscopes – DePaul’s Scientific Past and Future

DePaul’s University Archives has unveiled a fresh exhibit to celebrate the opening of the new College of Science and Health. From Halley’s Comet to the Bottom of the World highlights the fun, the strange, and the remarkable events and people in DePaul’s scientific past. Did you know that the first