Year: 2013

Saint Vincent’s Reading List: XLVIII: Current Events in Vincent’s Day

Le Mercure Francois. Paris: J. Richer [etc.], 1613-1648. Call Number: SpC. 944.03 M556r   Throughout his letters and conferences Vincent de Paul makes reference to the events of the day: things that were happening in Paris, throughout France, and even internationally. How did Vincent de Paul get his news? Certainly,

Holiday Traditions: Early Modern Stories of Christmas Miracles and Puns

Between the magical realism of The Polar Express (2004) and the humor of A Christmas Story (1983), its clear fantasy and comedy are both popular elements of contemporary Christmas stories. But how do these movies compare to the holiday entertainment of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries? Earlier Christmas stories

Saint Vincent’s Reading List XLVII: Assassination and Regency

Arrest de la Cour pour la Regence de la Royne Pendant le Bas Age du Roy. Paris: Chez Mettayer & P. L’Huillier, 1610. Call Number: SpC. 944.032 F815a1610   The newspaper headlines that announced the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in November 1963 were accompanied by headlines which confirmed

Exploring Vincent’s Mediterranean – Opening Reception

Please join us at the John T. Richardson Library for the opening of Exploring Vincents Mediterranean: Western Europe and the Barbary Coast, 1580-1760, a joint exhibit from DePaul University’s Special Collections and Archives and The Society of Vincent de Paul Professors. During the lifetime of St. Vincent de Paul (1581-1660),

Saint Vincent’s Reading List: XLVI: The Wars of Religion and the Edict of Nantes

Conference des Edicts de Pacification des Troubles Esmeus au Royaume de France, by Pierre de Belloy. Paris : P. L’Huillier & Lamet Mettayer, 1600. Call Number: SpC. 274.407 F815Lc1600 A full-text version of this volume may be viewed here.   The long, bitter, French Wars of Religion between Catholics and