Year: 2014

Saint Vincent’s Reading List LXIX: Saint Vincent and the Intricacies of Canon Law

Bauny, E. Pratique du droict canonique au gouuernement de l’eglise,: correction des moeurs, & distribution des benefices: le tout au stile & vsage de France. Auec la decision des principales questions sur les matieres beneficiales, que se traittent a present dans les cours du Royaume. A Paris : Chez Michel

Setting the Stage: Original Documents Inspire Performance

In 1982, Sr. Helen Prejean, a member of the Congregation of St. Joseph, began corresponding with a death row inmate, Patrick Sonnier, at Angola (the Louisiana State Penitentiary). She became his spiritual adviser and accompanied him to his execution, later writing a non-fiction account of her experience with Pat Sonnier, and

Saint Vincent’s Reading List LVIII: The Common Rules of the Congregation of the Mission

Regulae seu Constitutiones communes Congregationis Missionis. Paris: [s.n.], 1658. Call Number: SpC 255.7702 C749 1658   On 17 May 1658, at the end of a conference delivered to the assembled priests of the Congregation of the Mission at Saint-Lazare in Paris, Vincent de Paul distributed copies of the community’s newly-published