Month: April 2015

4,000 Year-Old Written Artifacts Now at DePaul’s Special Collections and Archives

In 2014, DePaul University Library’s Special Collections and Archives became the new repository of the Charles L. Souvay Cuneiform Tablets Collection. This collection consists of 94 clay cuneiform tablets in the Sumerian and Akkadian languages, the majority of which date to as early as 2300 BCE. Cuneiform, a Mesopotamian writing

After 116 Years, First Diploma Comes Home to DePaul

If you’ve read the Winter edition of DePaul Magazine you may have seen one of the most significant artifacts in university history: the 1899 diploma issued to Mark Sheridan, one of DePaul’s very first graduates. The  diploma, donated to the university by Sheridan’s nephew, Mark Sheridan Barg, will be permanently