DePaul’s Library and Museum Collaborate to Extend Learning

The DePaul University Library and the DePaul Art Museum have collaborated on a number of projects in recent years, including, most recently, working together to provide open access to museum catalogs and publications through Via Sapientiae, the institutional repository at DePaul University. This quarter, we launch a new program to extend the campus commitment to learning outside the classroom with a series of library research guides designed to complement current exhibitions at the museum.

The initial guides – supporting the current exhibitions “Dianna Frid & Richard Rezac: Split Complementary” and “Nexo / Nexus: Latin American Connections in the Midwest” – provide ways in which faculty and students can use library resources to learn more about the subject of these exhibitions and to promote teaching, learning, and scholarship on these topics.

The Center for the Future of Museums has described how museum exhibitions and programs can drive inquiry-based learning and collection-centered scholarship, and the Institute of Museum and Library Services has promoted the complementary roles of libraries, museums, and schools in promoting the “learning ecosystem” in our communities. By working together, DePaul’s library and museum provide greater opportunities for students and faculty to consider how our collections, librarians, archivists, and curators contribute to “learning ecosystem” at DePaul, both inside and outside the classroom.

To learn more, visit the library research guides on “Dianna Frid & Richard Rezac: Split Complementary” and “Nexo / Nexus: Latin American Connections in the Midwest.” For more information on DePaul Art Museum Library Research Guides, contact Alexis Burson, Humanities and Social Sciences Librarian.

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