Spring at the Research Help Desk

Happy Spring from the Research Help Desk! Have you used our Ask a Librarian online chat service recently? DePaul librarians have been busy answering research questions that range from where to find poetry and French language books to locating scholarly sources on child labor in the cacao industry. We are online until 10pm most nights ready to answer any research questions that may come up.

Here is an example transcript from a recent chat: 


Student: Hello!

DePaul Librarian: Hi! How can I help you?

Student: I’m looking for sources on the K-Pop industry and how to become an “idol”

DePaul Librarian: I’m happy to help you with this! Have you started searching anywhere yet?

Student: I searched the library catalog

DePaul Librarian: Ok! First, I am going to send you the Music Research Guide, which will suggest other subject-specific databases to search for peer-reviewed and scholarly journal articles. 

Student: Thank you!

DePaul Librarian: You’re welcome! Second, I am going to do an example search in Academic Search Complete, a popular multidisciplinary database. I will use the search terms, (K-Pop OR “Korean Pop Music”) AND Idol

Student: Thank you!

DePaul Librarian: Here are the search results from Academic Search Complete. On the left hand side the page, you can limit the results by date or resource type. I also, will do a search in our database, JSTOR.

Student: Thanks a lot!

DePaul Librarian: I changed the search a bit in JSTOR, I used the terms (K-Pop OR “Korean Pop Music” AND (Idol OR trainee program OR training program). Here are the results. 

Student: Thank you so much! I will go through these results and chat back if I need any more help.

DePaul Librarian: Ok! Have a nice evening!

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