11 Nonfiction Titles About Trans Experiences

Sadly but unsurprisingly, we’re living in a time of unprecedented transphobia. So far this year, there are nearly 600 anti-trans bills introduced in 42 states, over three times the amount of anti-trans bills proposed in 2022 and nearly the same amount proposed in 2023. As we celebrate Pride this year, this is a grim reminder that the fight for our right to bodily autonomy is far from over. But—as we well know—education is a valuable tool in this fight, so we encourage you to explore these eleven new titles about trans experiences. We invite you to look within these pages for knowledge, solidarity, and inspiration.

As you navigate through the slides below, you can click on the book covers to see if the titles are available to check out. If you enjoy these titles, you can find even more by browsing our LGBTQIA+ Voices Collection.

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