Last week, the Getty Research Institute added more than 77,000 high-resolution images to its Open Content Program.  The Open Content Program was begun by the Getty to provide to the public all digital images to which the Getty holds the rights or that are in the public domain. The high-resolution images are available free-of-charge and… Read More

In 1969, DePaul University acquired its first original, handwritten letter by St. Vincent de Paul (1581-1660), presented by the well-known book collector and DePaul alumnus Abel Berland. Since that time, through other generous gifts and judicious purchases, it has added to that first letter seven-fold. DePaul’s eight Vincent letters represents the largest such collection outside… Read More

While it’s not unusal for museums to offer high-quality scans of its collection on-line, The Rijksmuseum, the Dutch national art museum, has taken a bold step in offering high-resolution images of its collection free of cost. What makes this even more unusual is that, in addition to simply allowing users to download images for use,… Read More

The Metropolitan Museum of Art recently announced a video project called 82nd & Fifth, in which 100 curators talk about 100 works of art at the museum. Each curator was asked to choose a work of art that changed the way he or she sees the world and given two minutes to explain why. Listening… Read More

The DePaul University Library’s Image Collection would like to announce that it now has a Flickr page! The photostream can be found here:  We’re hoping to highlight some of the various collections that are being digitized at DePaul University. The source for these images, as well as additional digititzed material, can be found on… Read More

To commemorate the 150th Anniversary of the American Civil War, the Terra Foundation of American Art has launched “The Civil War in Art.” The website contains close to 130 high-resolution images contributed by 6 Chicago-area museums including the Art Institute of Chicago, the Chicago History Museum and the DuSable Museum of African American History. The… Read More

While the John T. Richardson Library offers many resources for students studying and writing about the history of art and architecture, there are some interesting on-line resources offering new, innovative approaches to the study of art and architecture. One of the most unique is Smarthistory, described by its creators as a “multi-media web-book designed as… Read More

In the early 1960s, DePaul launched a ten-year master plan, “Program for Greatness.” The plan featured mock-ups of the Lincoln Park campus, proposed buildingssome completed, some not and various statistics on the university (which boasted an average annual salary of $8,124 for faculty). The decade surely saw greatness achieved at the University, and measures of… Read More

The Image Collection has added content to the Image Reserves database in the following areas: Medieval Art: The Art of Spain during the Middle Ages in all media. Islamic Art: Architectural monuments as well as decorative arts. 19th Century Art: Painting by Jean-Leon Gerome. Modern Art: Work by Otto Dix, Werner Tubke, Salvador Dali, and… Read More

The Image Collection staff have spent much of the Spring and Summer months scanning content from the Drama Collection, a collection of slides geared toward teaching students in the Theater School, into the Image Reserves database. The Drama Collection has a broader selection of images focusing on theater and stage designs, costume and fashion history,… Read More