Did you know the DePaul University Library employs over 50 students? Our student workers play a critical role in providing services in all areas of the Library. At the Access Services desks, students check out materials to patrons, pull course reserves and re-shelve books. Behind the scenes in Technical Services, students prepare new materials for use after they arrive… Read More

Welcome back to This Week in Reference! Research papers and final exams brought DePaul scholars into the library to finish up winter quarter with a bang, and to escape one (hopefully!) last bout of snow. Here is a sample of topics our Research Librarians and Peer Research Tutors helped researchers wrestle with before spring break:… Read More

The John T. Richardson Library Learning Commons, launched in fall 2013, has become the center for library partnerships with academic programs delivering peer tutoring and support for student success at DePaul, including the University Center for Writing-based Learning, Science and Math Learning Center, Supplemental Instruction, Career Center, Office of Multicultural Student Success, and programs sponsored… Read More

Over the past 5 years, the DePaul University Library has developed an array of new spaces and services to support digital scholarship, as well as new areas of teaching and learning in the digital humanities, data sciences, and related areas. Our ability to support students and faculty working in these emergent areas of DePaul’s academic… Read More

DePaul Librarians Jessica Alverson and Jennifer Schwartz’ s new article in College and Research Libraries News describes how DePaul’s research and instruction librarians engage with faculty and colleagues to improve student learning In the fall of 2014, our team of instruction librarians began the long process of revising our teaching program, working in close collaboration… Read More

Libraries transform communities. Over the past year, this simple message has been at the center of the “Libraries Transform” advocacy campaign spearheaded by the American Library Association (ALA). Beginning with simple statements such as “Because Fake News Can Have Real-World Consequences” and “Because Students Can’t Afford Scholarly Journals on a Ramen Noodle Budget,” ALA and… Read More

On November 16th, the DePaul University Library hosted the inaugural open house for Studio Chi, a new center for faculty development at DePaul that “will foster and support research at the interface between humanities and computing.” Building on the teaching, learning, and research collaborations that have been explored in the John T. Richardson Library Scholar’s Lab,… Read More

Chicago Collections Edit-a-Thon Announcement

Open Access Week (October 24 – 30, 2016) is not only about promoting use of open access resources, but also about making them better. Earlier this year, DePaul Library staff took part in the #1Lib1Ref project, and earlier this month our staff came together with community members to contribute to the first Wikipedia edit-a-thon sponsored… Read More

As you’re working toward final papers, presentations, and projects, librarians are here to help at every stage of the research process. One-on-one appointments can be booked using our online calendar and are available at both the Loop Library and the John T. Richardson Library, as well as by phone or IM chat. By making an… Read More

DePaul’s Genius Squad will have extended hours at the John T. Richardson Library to assist students ahead of the new academic year, particularly new students moving into the residence halls on campus. On Sunday, August 28 and Saturday, September 3, the Genius Squad will be available from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. Note that for… Read More