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St. Vincent’s Reading List LXVII: Louis XIII and the Siege of La Rochelle

Histoire de la Rebellion des Rochelois, et de Leur Reduction à l’Obeyssance du Roy, by Abel de Sainte-Marthe and translated by Jean Baudoin. Paris: chez Jacques Villery, 1629. A digitized version of this text can be viewed here.   During 1627-1628 the French Crown, under Louis XIII, laid siege to

St. Vincent’s Reading List LXVI: Superna Jerusalem: The Bull of Canonization for Vincent de Paul

Canonizationis B. Vincentii A Paulo. Rome: Typis Reverendæ Cameræ Apostolicæ, 1737. Call Number: SpC. 271.7702 V768Ycc1737   Vincent de Paul died in Paris on September 27, 1660. He died as a nationally renowned and revered figure. He had, by the time of his death, become the symbol of the successful

Saint Vincent’s Reading List LXIII: Navigating the Ranks of the Nobility

Histoire des Dignitez Honoraires de France et Erection de Plusieurs Maisons Nobles en Duchez, Comtez, Pairries, Marquisats & Baronnies, by Claude Malingre. Paris: Cardin Besonge, 1636. Call number: SpC. 929.74 M29h1636   Vincent de Paul lived within a hierarchical society of altar and throne. In this power system, sovereignty, wealth,

Saint Vincent’s Reading List LXIV: Cardinal Richelieu and the “Day of Dupes”

Journal de Monsieur le Cardinal Duc de Richelieu, Qu’il a Fait Durant le Grand Orage de la Cour, és Années 1630, & 1631, by Armand-Jean du Plessis, Cardinal-Duke of Richelieu. Paris, 1652. Call Number: SpC. 944.032 R528j1652 View a digitized copy of this book here.   After his assassination, Henry

St. Vincent’s Reading List LXIII: French Foreign Policy and the Marriage of Henrietta-Maria of France

L’Ordre des Ceremonies Observees au Mariage du Roy de la Grand Bretagne, & de Madame Sœur du Roy. Paris: Jean Martin, 1625. Call Number: SpC. 941.062 O65m1625   During St. Vincent’s lifetime, French foreign policy for continental Europe revolved around real politik strategies to undermine the power of the Habsburgs

Saint Vincent’s Reading List LX: Saint Vincent and Casuistry

Theologia Moralis, in Quinque Libros Partita, by Paul Laymann. Monachii: Formis Nicolai Henrici, 1626. Call Number: SpC.241.0402 L4275h 1626   Casuistry, or case-based reasoning, is a classic method popularized in early modern Roman Catholic moral theology to resolve moral questions or dilemmas. This approach begins by thoroughly examining the moral

Saint Vincent’s Reading List LXII: The Funeral Oration for Vincent de Paul

The Funeral Oration for Vincent De Paul: 23 November 1660, by Henri de Maupas du Tour and Edward Udovic. Chicago, Illinois: DePaul University, 2015. Call number: 271.7702 V768Ymp2015   Vincent de Paul died on 27 September 1660 and was buried the next day at Saint-Lazare in Paris. Two months later

Saint Vincent’s Reading List LXIX: Saint Vincent and the Intricacies of Canon Law

Bauny, E. Pratique du droict canonique au gouuernement de l’eglise,: correction des moeurs, & distribution des benefices: le tout au stile & vsage de France. Auec la decision des principales questions sur les matieres beneficiales, que se traittent a present dans les cours du Royaume. A Paris : Chez Michel

Saint Vincent’s Reading List LVIII: The Common Rules of the Congregation of the Mission

Regulae seu Constitutiones communes Congregationis Missionis. Paris: [s.n.], 1658. Call Number: SpC 255.7702 C749 1658   On 17 May 1658, at the end of a conference delivered to the assembled priests of the Congregation of the Mission at Saint-Lazare in Paris, Vincent de Paul distributed copies of the community’s newly-published