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Saint Vincent’s Reading List LXI: The Reform of Canonization

Urbani VIII … Decreta seruanda in canonizatione, & beatificatione sanctorum : accedunt instructiones, & ceclarationes quas Em et Rev S.R.E. cardinales praesulesque Romanae curiae ad id muneris congregati ex eiusdem summi pontificis mandato condiderunt. Romae, Ex Typographia Reu. Cam. Apost., 1642. Call Number: SpC. 235.24 C363u1642. The decrees of the

L'instruction des prestres

Saint Vincent’s Reading List LX: The Reform of the Priesthood

L’Instruction des Prestres qui Cotient une Tres Importante Doctrine pour Cognoistre l’Excellece du St. Sacerdoce, avec le Moyee de s’e Acquiter Dignemet : Tireé des Peres & Docteurs de l’Eglise, by Antonio de Molina and translated by Rene Gautier.   Paris: Chez Nicolas Buon, 1619. Call Number: SpC. 262.14 M722iF 1619

Saint Vincent’s Reading List LXIX: Royal relations, royal etiquette, royal mourning

Les Ceremonies Royalles, Observees a Fontainebleau, et Dans l’Eglise Nostre Dame de Paris, le Ieudy 29. Auril, & Samedy 1. May 1621. Paris : Nicolas Alexandre, 1621. Call number: SpC. 944.032 F815c1621   In an era when the ruling houses of Europe were closely linked by layers of intermarriage, there existed

Saint Vincent’s Reading List LXVIII: Queen Marguerite de Valois (1553-1615)

Memoires de la Reyne Marguerite, by Marguerite de Valois and Auger de Mauléon. Brussels: F. Foppens, 1658. Call Number: SpC. 944.031092 M331mr1658 A full-text version of this volume may be viewed here.   As far as we can tell, the young Vincent de Paul arrived in Paris by late 1609

St. Vincent’s Reading List LXVII: Louis XIII and the Siege of La Rochelle

Histoire de la Rebellion des Rochelois, et de Leur Reduction à l’Obeyssance du Roy, by Abel de Sainte-Marthe and translated by Jean Baudoin. Paris: chez Jacques Villery, 1629. A digitized version of this text can be viewed here.   During 1627-1628 the French Crown, under Louis XIII, laid siege to

St. Vincent’s Reading List LXVI: Superna Jerusalem: The Bull of Canonization for Vincent de Paul

Canonizationis B. Vincentii A Paulo. Rome: Typis Reverendæ Cameræ Apostolicæ, 1737. Call Number: SpC. 271.7702 V768Ycc1737   Vincent de Paul died in Paris on September 27, 1660. He died as a nationally renowned and revered figure. He had, by the time of his death, become the symbol of the successful

Saint Vincent’s Reading List LXIII: Navigating the Ranks of the Nobility

Histoire des Dignitez Honoraires de France et Erection de Plusieurs Maisons Nobles en Duchez, Comtez, Pairries, Marquisats & Baronnies, by Claude Malingre. Paris: Cardin Besonge, 1636. Call number: SpC. 929.74 M29h1636   Vincent de Paul lived within a hierarchical society of altar and throne. In this power system, sovereignty, wealth,

Saint Vincent’s Reading List LXIV: Cardinal Richelieu and the “Day of Dupes”

Journal de Monsieur le Cardinal Duc de Richelieu, Qu’il a Fait Durant le Grand Orage de la Cour, és Années 1630, & 1631, by Armand-Jean du Plessis, Cardinal-Duke of Richelieu. Paris, 1652. Call Number: SpC. 944.032 R528j1652 View a digitized copy of this book here.   After his assassination, Henry

St. Vincent’s Reading List LXIII: French Foreign Policy and the Marriage of Henrietta-Maria of France

L’Ordre des Ceremonies Observees au Mariage du Roy de la Grand Bretagne, & de Madame Sœur du Roy. Paris: Jean Martin, 1625. Call Number: SpC. 941.062 O65m1625   During St. Vincent’s lifetime, French foreign policy for continental Europe revolved around real politik strategies to undermine the power of the Habsburgs

Saint Vincent’s Reading List LX: Saint Vincent and Casuistry

Theologia Moralis, in Quinque Libros Partita, by Paul Laymann. Monachii: Formis Nicolai Henrici, 1626. Call Number: SpC.241.0402 L4275h 1626   Casuistry, or case-based reasoning, is a classic method popularized in early modern Roman Catholic moral theology to resolve moral questions or dilemmas. This approach begins by thoroughly examining the moral