Welcome back to This Week in Reference! As surely as April showers bring May flowers, this month’s research questions blossomed from curiosity and grew into knowledge. Here are some of the more intriguing topics that our Research Librarians and Peer Research Tutors helped students and faculty turn over: Zentangle and doodling Economic benefits of nurse… Read More

Welcome back to This Week in Reference! Research papers and final exams brought DePaul scholars into the library to finish up winter quarter with a bang, and to escape one (hopefully!) last bout of snow. Here is a sample of topics our Research Librarians and Peer Research Tutors helped researchers wrestle with before spring break:… Read More

Winter may have gone soft, but our students, faculty and staff remain focused and driven.  Research Librarians and Peer Research Tutors have been busy this month helping researchers explore topics and questions like these: Religious beliefs: do they change over time? Opiate abuse in nursing homes or assisted living facilities, globally Building teachers’ social capital… Read More

It hasn’t taken long for DePaul scholars to get down to business this quarter! Here is a small sample of the types of questions Research Librarians and Peer Research Tutors have been busy helping researchers with in January, 2017: Catholic /Protestant relations in Argentina since the election of Pope Francis India’s caste system and how… Read More

Winter storm warning?  60 mile per hour winds?  That won’t keep us away from research!  This past week, the library was crowded with students and faculty working hard and asking fascinating questions.  Some topics making their way to our desk and inboxes this week: Japanese food culture Karel Husa Merit pay for teachers John Bodenham’s… Read More

Putative portrait of Christopher Marlowe (Corpus Christi College, Cambridge).

Welcome back to This Week in Reference! The library has been warming up all week with students studying for midterms and beginning research for final papers and projects!  We’ve been helping students find books, articles, navigate I-Share, find course reserves, and much much more. Some of the topics we’ve encountered this week: Christopher Marlowe The Thin Man Gentrification in… Read More

Happy Thanksgiving! The end of the quarter can be a frantic time, with studying, research, lack of sleep, and the promise of the holiday season all combined into one crazy week.  We did our best to promote calm and encouragement from the Research Help Desk, working with you to find information about: Calligraphy in the Umayyad Dynasty… Read More

Welcome back to This Week in Reference and Happy Halloween! We’ve had some very scary questions this week!  We helped a few students research the Day of the Dead for an Explore Chicago class.  Also, it’s very scary to learn that you’ve already run out of printing money for the quarter but you still have so many papers… Read More

Welcome back to This Week in Reference! September is always a busy month, with new students, new faculty, and lots and lots of textbook questions! While we may not have the specific textbook that you need for class, we do carry many other resources that you will need throughout your studies here at DePaul. Some… Read More

Reference doesn’t stop in the summertime! Some of the topics coming across our desks this week were: Laughter Therapy​ Public health education in impoverished communities Wine additives and allergies Spanglish And a detailed look at one of our email questions: Question: Does the DePaul library have any digital CPA exam review materials? Practice tests? Video… Read More