COVID-19 and Affordability Challenges: Support Students with Open Educational Resources (OERs) and Library Resources

It has been a collective effort and learning experience for all of us to quickly transition to a fully online spring quarter due to COVID-19. One of the early lessons for the library was the realization that students who cannot afford to purchase course materials have become even more vulnerable.

Prayer in both French and Latin. Images show two women figures with halos holding swords.

Saint Vincent’s Reading List: LXXIII Vincent and the Tridentine Liturgy

Le Tableau de la Croix Representé dans les ceremonies de la Ste. Messe ensemble le tresor de la devotion aux soufrances de Ntre S.I.C. le tout enrichi de belles figures. A Paris, F. Mazot , ruë St. Denis pres St. SaveurAvec Privilege et Approbation, 1651.  SpC. 232.96 T113m1651 It must