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This is not Goodbye

After a nine-year run, the DePaul University Library will cease publication of our quarterly Faculty Newsletter. However, this is not “goodbye.” The newsletter has been a wonderful opportunity for the Library to engage with our amazingly supportive faculty and we want to sustain this connection. The Library will continue to

Learning from the “Inside”: Prisoner Art and Advocacy in the Archives

DePaul University’s Special Collections and Archives has long been distinguished by the ways in which the university mission is reflected in our collections, services, and programs, with special attention given to DePaul’s commitment to teaching and to social justice. Our current exhibit, INCARCERATION: Art, Activism & Advocacy, showcases the creativity, resilience,

New Exhibit Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of The John T. Richardson Library

Stop by our newest exhibit on the first floor of the John T. Richardson Library, The Way of Wisdom: Building DePaul University Libraries opening February 8, 2013. September 2012, marked the twentieth anniversary of DePaul University’s John T. Richardson Library. Opened in 1992, the Richardson Library was built to address

Napoleon Rides Again: New Donations in DePaul’s Special Collections

While the events surrounding the feats and follies of Napoleon Bonaparte’s rise to power and remarkable military campaigns are some 200 years in the past, their history continues to live on through continued donations to DePaul’s Special Collections and Archives. A recent transfer of rare book materials from Christian Brothers

DePaul University’s First Virtual Exhibition Debuts: “Saint-Lazare as a Women’s Prison: 1794-1932”

Traditionally museums, libraries, archives, and special collections seek to highlight their collections through the vehicle of exhibitions.  These events are labor intensive and expensive.  They also require a long period of planning, preparation, interpretation, and installation. Then, after a few weeks or months on public display, the exhibition ends, is

350th Anniversary of Deaths of St. Vincent de Paul and St. Louise de Marillac

From the births of Vincent and Louise in the late 16th century, to their deaths in 1660, Europe made its way, through bitter religious, political and intellectual ferment, from the Protestant Reformation to the Age of Enlightenment.  Fundamental developments included the Counter Reformation, the eclipse of the Catholic Church in