Expanded Space for Special Collections and Archives

The last ten years of expansion in the instructional and curricular uses of the primary source materials held in the DePaul University Special Collections and Archives has far outpaced the existing spaces designed in 1988. The plans for the renovation of Richardson include exciting changes for how we work with our patrons and with the classes that have come to rely on our services.

The most needed and anticipated space is the dedicated instruction room for class sessions and planned events.  This room will be directly adjacent to existing space, but separate enough to avoid disruption to patrons using the collections in the reading room. A digital camera and display will make it possible for us to show entire classes illustrations, documents, and maps at the same time.  Having digital access will permit us to present digital resources and online collection guides side by side with the objects that students encounter here as they develop their understanding of physical primary sources.

The new and renovated spaces will serve the growing curricular and research uses of the collections housed here, and a new entrance will provide a visually appealing and inviting entrance for this department.  The front door to the department will be visible upon exiting the elevators, placing the department squarely in front of students, faculty, researchers and guests on the 3rd floor.

Improved access to technology infrastructure and equipment will provide our users with the ability to search the world of information while researching the specific holdings of DePaul.  This newly designed space will provide the seamless mesh of physical and virtual resources that is the hallmark of 21st century research.

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