Reciprocal Borrowing Program Facilitates Faculty Use of Research Libraries Across North America

In Fall Quarter 2012, the DePaul Library joined the OCLC Reciprocal Faculty Borrowing Program, a cooperative borrowing program that facilitates faculty use of research libraries across North America. Through this program full-time DePaul faculty members in good standing can gain borrowing privileges and on-site access to the collections of the nearly 200 participating libraries. The program includes several local libraries that are not a part of the I-Share consortium, such as the University of Chicago, Northwestern, and Loyola.

Many faculty are already taking advantage of this program and so far the reaction has been very positive. “I am very happy to have the reciprocal borrowing program! I have borrowed materials several times from the University of Chicago already — this was something I could not do before” stated John Shanahan of the English Department. Liz Lillehoj, History of Art and Architecture Department, also mentioned being able to borrow materials onsite at a wider range of university libraries: “I got my reciprocal borrowing card the week the program was launched.  I use it regularly at the U of Chicago Library to check out books that would not be available through I-Share. It’s great!“

Faculty members interested in obtaining a card for the OCLC Reciprocal Faculty Borrowing Program may submit a request online.

For further questions regarding the program, please contact Travis Eastham at or 773-325-2443.

For more details, please see the program description.

For a list of participating institutions, please visit the OCLC web site.

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