Results from the Faculty Survey on Library Digital Services

The Library provides a suite of digital services to faculty to improve their teaching and research (see our previous article on successful partnerships with faculty). In order to improve those services, we reached out to faculty last Fall with a Digital Services survey to identify your priorities and understand what future services we should develop.

We learned three things from the survey.

First, many of you are unaware of our digital services, such as our digital image collections, DePaul’s institutional repository (Via Sapientiae) and the Scholar’s Lab.

Second, you are unclear how to use our services in courses. This dovetails very closely withnational studies of faculty use of IT conducted by EDUCAUSE.

Third, you want training in our platforms and services and how to apply them to areas that matter to you.

In response, the Library’s Digital Services unit will be working with your Library Liaisons to set up meetings with the Colleges and Schools later this year to improve awareness of what the library offers and how our digital services can benefit you, both professionally and in the classroom.

While we do not have staff resources to provide all the desired trainings on our own, we will also be rolling out a series of workshops to cover areas of interest expressed in the survey responses, such as:

  • Using Library Digital Services in courses
  • Introduction to DePaul Institutional Repository, Via Sapientiae
  • Faculty Copyright and Author Rights
  • Using visual resources in courses

We have also launched a new Digital Services section of our website detailing our services and how you can get started, whether that’s launching a student conference or journal, building an image collection for your courses or creating your personal SelectedWorks website.

The Library views faculty interest in digital projects as a great opportunity for us to think about new partnerships, especially in light of the Cross-Campus Collaboration initiative. If you have ideas for opportunities to pool resources with your academic department to leverage our digital services, such as using the Scholar’s Lab as a teaching/training space, let us know!

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