Not Just Where to Click: New Book by DePaul Librarian

What makes a scholarly article scholarly? Who is an authority? Students new to the research process don’t necessarily understand that authority is constructed and contextual, or that the article they found using one of the Library’s EBSCO databases might have originally been published and distributed to an audience of researchers in a very particular context. Students often do not recognize the differences between sources and bring assumptions with regards to what research looks like and how it works.

Heather Jagman (DePaul University) and Troy Swanson (Moraine Valley Community College)’s new collection, Not Just Where to Click: Teaching Students How to Think about Information​, explores how librarians and faculty can work together to teach students about the nature of expertise, authority, and credibility.  Contributing authors provide a variety of practical and theoretical approaches for motivating students to explore their beliefs, biases, and ways of interpreting the world, and draw from a deep pool of perspectives including social psychology, critical theory, and various philosophical traditions. 

With the recent adoption by the Association of College & Research Libraries of its new “Framework for Information Literacy in Higher Education,”​ Not Just Where to Click provides a starting point for librarians and faculty members wishing to explore how to teach about a broader array of information skills that meet the needs of students who will be expected not only to “discover” and “evaluate” information for academic purposes, but to “create” and “curate” information throughout their lives.  Heather Jagman​, Coordinator of Reference, Instruction and Academic Engagement, would love to tell you more about how the library can support the information literacy needs of your students.

Not Just Where to Click: Teaching Students How to Think about Information, was published in April 2015 by the Association of College and Research Libraries, and is available from the American Library Association’s online store​

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