Library Updates Online Guides and Resources

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 1.54.57 PMThe Library has completed major updates to our A-Z Databases and Resources list and our Library Research Guides. The changes provide more functionality and more flexibility in the way we provide access to library information. Specifically, our A-Z Databases and Resources List now allows for:

  • Searching for a database by Title or Keyword
  • Sorting by Subject
  • Sorting by Type of database (article database, streaming video, and more)

The new system is also responsive, which allows users to easily access these websites from different types of devices. And, finally, the new system is compatible with D2L, and we will eventually be able to offer the option of pulling library resources directly into D2L course pages.

Because of these upgrades, however, some of the URLs to our research guides may have changed, and you may need to update links on your current D2L pages or syllabi. Links to databases will remain the same.

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