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Clearing Our Slates For Poetry, With Emerita Professor Sally Kitt Chappell

“New snow as far as I can see/ Wipes clear the slate for poetry.” Entitled “Winter’s Blessing,” this couplet is featured in award-winning author Sally A. Kitt Chappell’s newest edition of poetry SHARDS: Selected Poems (2011). In this poem, we are reminded how inclement winter weather provides opportunities for creative

Pushing The Boundaries, With Professor Jim Block

Public intellectual and self-proclaimed gadfly, Jim Block, DePaul University Professor of Political Science, is not bound by disciplinary boundaries. In fact, one of his major contributions to knowledge production is questioning the social production of boundaries entirely. His newest book The Crucible of Consent: American Child Rearing and the Forging

Second Phase of the Library Renovation Delayed Until June 2013

On July 1, 2011 the Libraries began a four-year renovation of the John T. Richardson Library. The first phase was successfully completed in September 2011. Classes are being taught in our new library instruction room and the Library has hosted several events in our state-of-the-art program room, including an inaugural

Faculty Use New Digital Image Collections for Class Presentations and Research

DePaul University Library offers faculty access to digital-image collections for use in instruction, research and scholarship. In addition to DePaul’s Digital Collections, the Instructional Image Collection launched a new web platform (Luna) during Fall Quarter  2011 with more than 60,000 images generated at DePaul and includes access to 30+ additional

Presenting Luna: DePaul’s Instructional Images Collection

The Department of Digitization Services is happy to announce Luna, the new web platform for DePaul University Library’s Instructional Image Collection.  Luna replaces Mimsy, offering access to over 60,000 images in the DePaul Instructional Image Collection as well as access to more than 30 digital image collections via Luna Commons.  Luna

Library Primer For All Adjunct, Part-Time and Full Time Faculty, This Article Is For You!

Whether teaching an occasional course at DePaul while working full time in another profession, carrying a full load of nine courses per academic year, or spreading the course load among several Chicago area universities, adjunct faculty face a unique set of challenges in using the libraries at DePaul. In addition