DePaul University Library Welcomes Digital Archivist, Kyle Henke

Kyle Henke

Kyle Henke comes to DePaul University from Columbia College where he established an institutional repository and managed the digital collections of the College Archives while integrating material into the classroom and the College community. As Digital Archivist, Kyle’s role with the DePaul University Special Collections and Archives will be to acquire and preserve content across all of its collections, with a special focus on the electronic records collected by University Archives.

It should come as no surprise that University records – what we all produce in the course of our work at DePaul – are evolving: traditional memoranda and glossy mailers coexist with (or are being replaced by) emails, PDFs, and online databases. Anyone who’s ever accidentally deleted a Word document or tried to open a corrupted or obsolete file knows that digital records face special risks. Kyle’s work with University Archives will ensure that all of DePaul’s historical content, whether it’s the handwritten minutes of the Board of Trustees, or the latest email newsletter from the Office of LGBTQA Student Services, will be available to the DePaul community in the decades, and centuries, to come.

Kyle’s short-term efforts will include increasing awareness of University Archives’ desire and capacity to accept electronic records, with the longer-term goal of providing more robust protections for, and access to, these dynamic DePaul records.

Kyle graduated from San Diego State University with a BA in history focusing on social aspects of Civil War and Reconstruction-era America. He received his MLIS from the University of Denver with a concentration in Archives and Records Management. His interests in the field include preservation of both the physical and the digital record, the digital representation of archival materials, and new forms of access and ways archival repositories can communicate and connect with different tools and technology.

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