Library Website Migrating to SharePoint

The DePaul University Library will be migrating our website to SharePoint this summer, with an expected August 25th launch, between the end of the Summer Session and the beginning of Fall Quarter. While this  project will require some updates to your bookmarks and links in course materials, many things will remain the same.

What will not change

This project is best described as a migration rather than a revision and most major library systems will continue to operate unchanged. Systems unaffected by this change include:

The Libary Homepage location (
The Library Catalog
A-Z Databases
Library Research and Course Guides
Ares Course Reservers
and access to your library account

We also will not be changing the structure of our site during this migration, so if you are familiar with how our site is organized, you will find our SharePoint similar in almost every respect.

What will change

Library URLs

With the exception of the Library Homepage, any web pages you have bookmarked, either in your browser or listed in course resources, such as in D2L or on paper handouts, will need to be updated once the new site is live after August 25th. We are working with University Information Services and Enrollment Management and Marketing to create notifications for certain high priority pages and forms, so that users get a link to certain course-related pages, but we encourage everyone to update their links after August 25th.

Library Mobile Website

One of the main changes Library Web Services has advocated for is better mobile websites for the University community as a whole. Working with Information Services and Enrollment Management and Marketing, all new DePaul University SharePoint websites, starting with the Library, will use “responsive design” which will give users a much better mobile web browsing experience on their touchscreen phones. The Library was one of the early mobile innovators at DePaul and we are very excited about our continuing progress in this area.
However, if you do have the current library mobile website bookmarked (, you will need to change this bookmark to the ordinary library URL ( since responsive design means we will no longer need one website for mobile users and one for non-mobile users.

Transition Plan

Behind the scenes this summer, the Library will be working to ensure the new SharePoint content is up to date and functioning. We also invite interested users in taking the new website for a test drive. Starting July 25th, the Library will make the new website available to faculty and students at special locations in the Loop and Lincoln Park libraries. More information on this will be communicated in the summer, but if you are interested, please contact the Library Web Services Coordinator for scheduling a session.

Future Innovations

The Library is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art online library tools and services to the University community and we do not plan on standing still. Immediately following the release of the Library SharePoint website, we will initiate ongoing user testing and evaluation of our web platforms, including the Library SharePoint website.

But you do not need to wait to have your opinions heard. We are always very interested in receiving feedback and want to hear from you. To do so, simply navigate to our Feedback form.

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