Library Shows Support for Digital Scholarship at DePaul

Image from Reading Chicago Reading blog post: “Do Americans Read for Leisure?


As technology has become faster, more portable and powerful, and concurrently less expensive, scholars have taken hold of the tools and technology to create new ways of processing, analyzing, creating, and sharing information. These new technologies have in turn influenced the ways in which scholars create and share their work.  At the DePaul University Library, we are committed to supporting faculty by helping them to identify and employ new technologies for their teaching and research. To date, we have collaborated with researchers on projects including the Reading Chicago Reading project, creating Omeka/Neatline environments for classroom teaching and WordPress sites for teaching, and a bibliographic network analysis project.

Over 300 DePaul faculty members completed the Library’s Digital Scholarship Survey distributed over the summer. The preliminary results indicate that Digital Scholarship tools and methods are of interest to the DePaul community for use in both research and teaching. The Library has created two new positions that support digital scholarship broadly defined: Ana Lucic, Digital Scholarship Librarian, and Kindra Morelock, Data Services Librarian. We have also created new spaces on the second floor of the Richardson Library to encourage interdisciplinary collaboration and brought technologies that can help create new forms of scholarship, whether virtual or physical. We are looking forward to sharing the space with Studio CHI in the library and to more collaboration with the Center, and also to working with another partner housed in new space in the library, Faculty Instructional Technology Services (FITS), to ensure that these digital tools become part of online teaching and learning at DePaul. Additionally, we offer end-to-end service for faculty publications and digitization services for your research and teaching.

Our Digital Scholarship team at the Library draws expertise from several different departments and is ready to assist you to get you started with your digital scholarship project or to help you incorporate these technologies into the classroom. We have created a new digital scholarship section on the library website, which includes information about:

We’d love to help you get started with your digital scholarship project. Send us an email at or fill out our inquiry form to start the conversation.

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