New Librarians Bring Expertise in Digital Scholarship, Data Science

Over the past 5 years, the DePaul University Library has developed an array of new spaces and services to support digital scholarship, as well as new areas of teaching and learning in the digital humanities, data sciences, and related areas. Our ability to support students and faculty working in these emergent areas of DePaul’s academic program will be enhanced greatly in fall 2017, with the completion of the next phase of the John T. Richardson Library renovation. As part of this ongoing investment in new areas for teaching, learning, and scholarship at DePaul, the library welcomed two new librarians during the fall quarter:

Ana Lucic has joined us as Digital Scholarship Librarian from the University of Illinois School of Information Sciences, where she recently defended her dissertation on textual analysis of scholarly articles in the biomedical sciences. Ana has already joined the research team responsible for the Reading Chicago Reading project, and will begin work in the spring quarter to engage faculty across campus in a discussion of digital scholarship services, workshops, and other programs that might be coordinated through the library.

Kindra Morelock has joined us as Data Services Librarian, having recently completed her M.S. in Library & Information Science with a specialization in Data Curation at the University of Illinois School of Information Sciences. Kindra has been selected to attend the Data Science and Visualization Institute for Librarians at North Carolina State University later this year, and will bring what she learns through that program to the initial launch of the library’s data services program in the fall.

Faculty, staff, or students with an interest in digital scholarship or data services are encouraged to contact Ana or Kindra, or to contact their Liaison Librarians to consider how these new services may be relevant to their work.

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