Teaching with Data from ICPSR

Data are everywhere. Data are being streamed both to our phones and from our phones, data are being made available to the public faster than we can possibly consume it, and researchers are increasingly being required to share their data in public repositories. As we move from being consumers of data to being data sources (think: Fitbit, Google Maps, Alexa), it’s more important than ever that our students begin to understand data concepts, and how data inform research and shape the narratives that we consume in the media.

The Inter-University Consortium of Political and Social Research, or ICPSR, is mainly known as a rich source of political and social science datasets.  However, ICPSR is more than simply providing access to datasets; it provides a wealth of information on how to teach students research methods, data analysis, and data literacy.

As an ICPSR member institution, the DePaul University Library provides all DePaul faculty members access to these learning modules and exercises, including Data-Driven Learning Guides, Crosstab Assignment Builder and Exercise Sets (Modules) which can be incorporated into your syllabus.

The Data-Driven Learning Guides contain a wide array of topics including:

In order to access the materials, you and your students must create ICPSR accounts while on-campus, but will then be able to log into ICPSR from off-campus. ICPSR also has a wealth of videos on teaching with data as well as a curated list of external resources for teaching undergraduates about data.

As part of our active promotion of data literacy on campus, the DePaul University Library took part in Love Data Week this month, a campaign to start conversations and awareness about data-related concepts on campuses all over the world. You can review our #LoveDataWeek posts on the library blog, The Full Text.

For more information about how you can incorporate data into your syllabus or with ICPSR, contact Kindra Morelock, Data Services Librarian.

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