Year: 2015

Not Just Where to Click: New Book by DePaul Librarian

What makes a scholarly article scholarly? Who is an authority? Students new to the research process don’t necessarily understand that authority is constructed and contextual, or that the article they found using one of the Library’s EBSCO databases might have originally been published and distributed to an audience of researchers

Uncovering Chicago’s Historical Collections

This fall, faculty involved in the Chicago Quarter​ program, and those with an interest in the greater Chicago area, will have new resources available in the forms of a physical exhibit at the Chicago Public Library’s Harold Washington Library Center​ and an online resource that will streamline Chicago-related research queries.  These developments are thanks to the Chicago

Library Supports Beck Research Initiative for Women, Gender, and Community’s Research Training Internship

The DePaul University Library is committed to supporting community engagement as a strategic priority and recently welcomed the opportunity to affect interests and issues that impact young girls and women in Chicago.  Beginning winter quarter 2015, the library extended its resources and staff expertise to 16 high school student interns

Grant Research Provides Insight Into First Year Students’ Library Experience

“Honestly, I was scared to go into the library because I felt like such a freshman. I had no idea of how it worked.” This comment from a DePaul University first-year student resonates with the results of a number of recent studies of information literacy among undergraduate students. Research by Brinkman,

Do You See What I See? Document Analysis Using Special Collections Sources

Faculty are often familiar with information literacy and the skills students need in order to effectively identify, evaluate and use information from a variety of sources. Archivists and special collections librarians use a framework for “artifactual literacy​” and focus on specialized sources that don’t often come neatly packaged with the same

Bringing You the World

The DePaul University Library contributes to the strategic goals identified in the university’s Vision 2018 strategic plan in a number of ways, but perhaps one of our “quieter” contributions has been to the goal of “[infusing] international and comparative perspectives throughout the teaching, research and service missions of the university.” In