Author: Jamie Nelson

New Year’s Resolutions, Reconsidered

The practice of setting (and possibly breaking) New Year’s resolutions dates back several centuries.  Merriam-Webster cites journal entries from the 17th century and an 1813 newspaper article to date the emergence of this annual tradition.  Wikipedia suggests it’s far older, dating back to the Babylonian practice of making promises to

Un/Common Copies: Zines in Special Collections and Archives

Special Collections and Archives is home to a wide variety of research materials that are rare, unique, and valuable (think vellum, embellished leather bindings, university records, one of a kind letters and photographs, etc.). So why are collections of photocopies getting so much attention? Our zine collections have  attracted recent

Devil Would Talk

Alternate Universe: Christianity and Comic Books

Comic book readers have long been aware of a shared universe, where characters from different titles interact with each other and storylines mingle (think of the Avengers or the Justice League). The universe of Christian comics is probably less familiar to most readers, though College of Communication’s Blair Davis aims

Early close on March 22 and closed all day March 23

Special Hours for Special Collections and Archives, March 22 and 23, 2018

Chicago is proud to be hosting the annual meeting of the Midwest Archives Conference (MAC) March 21st through 24th. DePaul’s own Andrea Bainbridge and Morgen MacIntosh Hodgetts assisted in bringing the meeting to Chicago this year and served on the Local Arrangements Committee. Staff from Special Collections and Archives (SPCA)

Special Access, Special Collections and Archives

DePaul University Special Collections and Archives is happy to participate again this year in the Chicago Area Archivists Chicago Open Archives events.  Over thirty archives, research centers, and cultural institutions in the Chicago area are participating, inviting the community to explore local resources through tours, talks, and exhibits. The three-day

ArchivesFest 2016: Special Collections and Archives Staff Travel to Milwaukee

When archivists from across the Midwest converge in Milwaukee this week, four of DePaul’s Special Collections and Archives staff will be among the crowd at the Midwest Archives Conference Annual Meeting. Each of DePaul’s staff attending the conference have compelling reasons to be there.  First, the Midwest Archives Conference (MAC)

From Papers to Performance: Drawing Inspiration from the Sr. Helen Prejean Collection

When most of us think of lucky breaks, a stage probably comes more readily to mind than non-descript grey archival boxes in closed stacks in a library. But for DePaul Theatre School student Brennan Jones, the materials found in the Sr. Helen Prejean papers “might have been the luckiest break