Image Collection Content Update

ColorwheelThe Image Collection has recently scanned (or re-scanned) images relating to the theory and practice of art. These images include color wheels, illustrations of color theory and optical effects, perspective diagrams and examples of modeling. We have also added illustrations of theoretical texts by the Bauhaus artist and teacher Johannes Itten and plates illustrating “The Interaction of Color” by American artist Josef Albers.

Additionally, we have added content and higher-quality images in the following categories:

Ancient Art: Aegean Pottery, Painting and Sculpture from Pompeii and Herculaneum

African Art: Works from the Baule and Sao cultures.

Medieval Art: Manuscript Illuminations produced by the Limbourg Brothers.

Renaissance/Baroque Art: Paintings by Titian

Japanese Art: Prints by Utamaro

American Art: Paintings by Tom Wesselman

Photography: Works by Sebastiao Salgado

For more information about the Image Collection, or for assistance in locating images, see our Digital Images guide.

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