Get ‘Em While They’re Fresh: New Books for February 2010

Perhaps I’ve spent too much time in the ivory tower, but I love thinking about the so-called theory of everything. And really, besides college, what better time is there to ponder the linkages between science, philosophy, poetry, and myth? Well, if you’ve ever been curious about where quantum mechanics is headed (and who hasn’t?), you might want to pick up If Einstein Had Been a Surfer. In this book, a surfer, a scientist and a philosopher discuss how all forms of energy move through waves, which makes surfing an act that is simultaneously a physical and spiritual connection with waves. After years of academic research, scientific experimentation and philosophical inquiry, surfing brings it all together. How bodacious (Lincoln Park Library, 100 K9215i)

I didn’t really buy into the Y2K hype that was all the rage a decade ago and the Hale-Bopp ordeal just confused me. And although I cant help but watch them, I’ve never taken the Nostradamus documentaries seriously. That being said, I’ve always been fascinated by the Maya calendar and the implications of its ending in 2012. No doubt there will be several books published in the next few years about the 2012 prophecy (which will hopefully find a home in the bargain bin in 2013), but before you dismiss it as just another apocalyptic fad, why not read The End of Time: The Maya Mystery of 2012 and learn what all the fuss is about? (Lincoln Park Library, 001.9 A951E)

In 1974, Middleton A. Harris and Toni Morrison led a team of passionate historians and collectors in compiling over 500 images into what became The Black Book. 35 years later, this book remains an incredible and powerful tribute to the history and culture of African-American men and women. Featuring a diverse array of images (everything from the disturbing photographs of men being lynched to patents by African-American inventors and everything in between). The Black Book honors the African-American experience in its entirety, without glossing over the more troubling chapters. The 35th anniversary edition comes with a new forward by the two-time Pulitzer Prize winning author Toni Morrison.
(Lincoln Park Library, Reference R. 973.0496073 H3151 and Circulating 973.0496073 H3151)

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