Image Collection Content Update

The Image Collection staff have spent much of the Spring and Summer months scanning content from the Drama Collection, a collection of slides geared toward teaching students in the Theater School, into the Image Reserves database. The Drama Collection has a broader selection of images focusing on theater and stage designs, costume and fashion history, and the decorative arts, especially jewelry, furniture and ceramics.

We have also added content in the following areas:

Renaissance Art: Paintings by Giorgione and Arcimboldi

19th-Century Art: Work by Edward Burne-Jones and Pierre-Auguste Renoir

20th-Century Art: Work by Pablo Picasso, Alice Neel, Blinky Palermo, Chris Ofili, Ed Ruscha and Louis Comfort Tiffany.

Pineapple Table Lamp

For more information about the Image Collection, or for assistance in locating images, see our Digital Images guide.

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