Collaborate in the Information Commons – media:scape Tables

Ever had trouble finding an open room or table for your small group project? Found it hard to collect and view the group’s ideas on a small laptop during a brainstorming session? If this sounds like you, 12 new collaboration tables now available in the new John T. Richardson Library Information Commons may just help. Shaped like the letter D with a large flatscreen attached at one end and called “media:scape,” the tables were specifically designed to help groups of people share information quickly, and, most uniquely, equally. Equal sharing of information comes into play with the so-called “puck” system, essentially small discs with cords attached that connect different computers or tablets to the shared screen.

By simply tapping a puck, a group member can project their desktop on the shared screen, or, in the case of a double screen set up, share their data side-by-side with another participant. A detailed description of the different media:scape table types we currently offer can be found here, including information on a new room of tables called the Scholar’s Lab.

We invite you to try out a media:scape table in the John T. Richardson Library soon.

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