Get Customized Research Help

Librarians are able to help at any stage of the research process. Stop by our Research Help Desks without an appointment whenever we are open or contact us via text or instant message (9am-midnight).

Librarians are here to help you navigate the library website, demonstrate how to order books from other libraries, assist in finding books, articles, data, primary sources and more!  We also have a vast knowledge of resources that we can point you to and suggest search terms in those resources so you can easily find what you need.

Librarians can answer your more complex research needs as well.  If you’re working on a lengthy paper or research project, you may want to schedule up to an hour of uninterrupted time for customized assistance.

Scheduling an appointment has never been easier.  Click on “Make Appointment” from the library’s homepage and choose an available time (in green) on the calendar. Your request will be sent to our team of reference librarians at the John T. Richardson Library, and we’ll come prepared to help you with your research topic.

If you are unable to come at one of the available times, or need help at the Loop Library, give us a call instead and we can work around your schedule.

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