Finals & Graduation Weekend Hours

The time has “finally” come for exam week hours. The schedule is based on the numbers of students using the library during previous finals weeks and on our current budget.  Please remember to have your DePaul i.d. after 11:00pm to stay in the library. Check our Twitter account for updates for Vinnie Van hours, Brain Fuel events or if you just need a little encouragement. We wish you the best on your final exams!


June 1-10 (Exams Week)

John T. Richardson Library

  • Open 24 hours starting Wednesday June 1 at 7:30am to Friday June 3 at 9:00pm
  • Saturday June 4 10:00am to 9:00pm
  • Open 24 hours starting Sunday June 5 10:00am to June 10 at 6:00pm

The Loop and Rinn Library hours can be found here


June 11-12 (Graduation Weekend)

The Loop & John T. Richardson Libraries are closed.  The Rinn Library hours can be found here

2 Replies to “Finals & Graduation Weekend Hours”

  1. Dear Library Team,
    I think it is completely inappropiate to close the library during finals week on a saturday after 9pm.
    In my opinion the library and DePaul University have a responsibility to provide its students at least the opportunity to study somewhere.
    Please reconsider your opening policies during finals week.
    Anton Sell

    1. Hi Anton,

      We understand your frustration. We operate based on a budget provided by the university and past use of the library gleaned from headcounts and door statistics. We encourage you to reach out to the Student Government Association as they have the most power to cause change across the university. We’ll pass along your message to our administration, however.

      Thanks for getting in touch,

      Alexis Burson
      Humanities and Social Sciences Librarian
      DePaul University

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