New Database: Sage Research Methods

What is Sage Research Methods (SRM)?

SRM, one of the newest resources available at DePaul, is a database of information and instructional materials in research methods for health and social sciences.  It contains over 120,000 pages of text from books, journals, and reference sources detailing quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods research materials.

You can find quick answers and definitions, in-depth analysis, instructional videos, data, case studies, and more.

Some of the most useful ways to use the database are to:


  • Search by method type (focus group, survey, usability, multivariate, quasi-experimental, etc.)
  • Browse by discipline (political science, nursing, business, psychology, etc.)
  • Use the Methods Map to visualize the relationships between different design methodologies.
  • Explore videos created by expert researchers discussing various issues such as: “Conducting Research With Young People,” “Using Twitter in Social Science Research,” and “What is Oral History Interviewing?”

SRM contains SAGE’s standard works of social science research: the Little Green Books (Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences) and the Little Blue Books (Qualitative Methods Series), along with over 500 specially authored case studies that illustrate how academic research projects were conducted and a collection of teaching datasets and instructional guides.

Find more information, videos, and help with SRM on Sage’s Research Methods Guide.


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