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Libraries transform communities. Over the past year, this simple message has been at the center of the “Libraries Transform” advocacy campaign spearheaded by the American Library Association (ALA). Beginning with simple statements such as “Because Fake News Can Have Real-World Consequences” and “Because Students Can’t Afford Scholarly Journals on a Ramen Noodle Budget,” ALA and its member libraries have worked together to raise awareness about the ways libraries are changing to offer a greater array of services designed to meet the changing needs of our community members in an increasingly complex information environment. At DePaul, we have seen this campaign come to life with the ongoing “transformation” of spaces and services in the John T. Richardson Library, including the establishment of the Learning Commons and Scholar’s Lab, and the plans to bring a wide array of digital media and digital scholarship tools into the library later this year.

While the initial phase of this campaign focused on the reasons for transformation, the newest phase focuses on impact, specifically the impact that librarians and other staff have on the design and delivery of library spaces and services. The “expert in the library” campaign moves beyond a description of broad trends influencing change in libraries toward more specific descriptions of the ways in which changes in our libraries make a difference to the members of our community in their teaching, learning, scholarship, and community engagement. In the coming weeks, you will see these “Expert in the Library” messages appearing throughout the library, just as the “Because” messages did before.

Libraries Transform

Our first “expert” messages highlight the work of DePaul University librarians like Heather Jagman  and Morgen Macintosh Hodgetts, who bring their expertise in teaching and learning to information literacy instruction at DePaul. Future messages will focus on the expertise that librarians have in areas such as digital scholarship, community engagement, and information technology, and how each of these are deployed in service of campus-wide initiatives that contribute directly to the success of our students, faculty, and staff.

Has one of our “experts in the library” helped you with your work? If so, please contact Ashley McMullin, Assessment and Marketing Librarian, to share your story and to allow us to consider adding it to the larger story of how the library transforms learning, scholarship, and engagement at DePaul.

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