This Week in Reference: Influence and Impact

It hasn’t taken long for DePaul scholars to get down to business this quarter!

Here is a small sample of the types of questions Research Librarians and Peer Research Tutors have been busy helping researchers with in January, 2017:

  • Catholic /Protestant relations in Argentina since the election of Pope Francis
  • India’s caste system and how it has affected doing business in India
  • Feminist art and its influence on the equal rights movement
  • How environmental factors might impact personality
  • Treatment options for cancer patients with chronic pain, but who also have a history of drug addiction/substance abuse
  • How individuals in the Civil Rights Movement learned how to apply nonviolent tactics and other strategies.
  • What effect does music have on a surgeon’s performance in the operating room
  • Breastfeeding practices among low income women
  • What impact does time spent teaching science to elementary school students have on children later in life
  • Real estate development and entrepreneurship

Take a look at a recent example of how we teach researchers how to find the most relevant information by taking advantage of  an “advanced” search technique.  You can try it out while working on your own research questions too!

Q. I’m trying to find a good article on midwives and my professor wants me to use PsycInfo to find it. I’m looking for research that compares midwife assisted births and hospital assisted births.

A. Are you just searching the term “midwives?” One primary suggestion we can offer is to use is the asterisk. If you search term “midwi*” PsycInfo will automatically look for all variant endings: i.e. midwife, midwives, and midwifery – this will expand your results.

Curious about something? We are looking forward to connecting you with the information you need.  Visit our Research Help Librarians and Peer Research Tutors in person, or connect with us online!

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