Brain Fuel Week at the Library

Does your planner look something like this next week?  Study for finals, finish writing paper, format citations, repeat.  If so, you’re going to need to fuel up!  Brain Fuel Week, November 6-14, offers events across campus to help you unwind, get moving or fuel up on healthy snacks.  There is something for everyone so check with the Office of Health, Promotion and Wellness for the full schedule.

The library will be participating by offering the following activities throughout the week:

Button Making:
Lincoln Park and Loop Library
Monday-Thursday 2-9pm

Unwind the Mind Pop-up: Check out popular reads for the winter break.
Schmitt Academic Center

Thursday, Nov. 9 11am-1pm

Fuse Bead Friday: Get crafty with Perle Beads!  Use one of our designs or create your own.
Maker Hub
Friday, Nov. 10 11am-1pm


Don’t forget to get plenty of sleep, eat well and take breaks as you prepare for finals.  We’re here to help at the library.

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