Maker-in-Residence Walk-In Hours

The DePaul University Library is proud to announce our first Maker-in-Residence, Dr. Eric Landahl, an Associate Professor in DePaul’s Department of Physics. Dr. Landahl teaches experimental physics and electronics and has been building computers and scientific instruments for over 40 years.  We are excited to partner with him as we unveil our new Maker Hub on the 2nd floor of the John T. Richardson Library. The DePaul community is invited to drop in Fridays from 10:30am to 5:00pm fall and winter quarters to consult with Dr. Landahl.

Dr. Landahl can provide expert guidance on electronics, wiring, circuits, robotics, sensors, remote controls, wireless communication, websites, programming, cameras, image processing, optics, data acquisition, data analysis, 3D design, 3D printing, fabrication, and project enclosures.  He has experience with working with plastics, wood, plexiglass, metal, and other materials and his current projects include smart pixel detectors, demonstrating acoustics using Sonic Pi, and 3D printed mathematical surfaces.

The Maker Hub and Maker-in-Residence position grew out of a larger Maker movement, a recent social, economic, scientific, and educational phenomenon spanning academic disciplines, skill levels and industries. Maker spaces at DePaul support curriculum across departments and engage students with academics in a new and exciting way. According to Dr. Landahl, “Designing and building things is a good way for DePaul students to learn academic subjects.” More information about the growing DePaul Maker community is available at DePaul Makes and information on using maker spaces to enhance learning can be found at Maker Space for Education.

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  1. Winter Quarter 2018, the Maker Hub is open Mondays 11-2, Wednesdays 9-12 and 1-4, and Thursdays 2-5. I am staffing Wednesdays. Look for new hours and workshops Spring Quarter. –Eric Landahl

    1. Thanks Eric. We’re so happy to have you as our Maker in Residence and for all the help you’ve provided to students.

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