Love Data Week 2018: Telling Stories with Data

We are continuing our Love Data Week series at the DePaul University Library with today’s topic: Telling Stories with Data.

The most compelling stories often have a significant insight or breakthrough because of data analysis and/or a data visualization presenting data in a way that helps us to understand and digest it. Wei Yin at Columbia University has a fantastic post on 4 tools for telling stories with data to help you get started with how you can tell a story with your data.

However, data alone can’t tell a story; good stories are created from a mix of personal (anecdotes) and impersonal (aggregate statistics), as well as how local issues fit into a national or global framework. The late Hans Rosling, a professor and the founder of the Gapminder Foundation, was a master at this. His TED talks on data and what it tells us about global development have been viewed tens of millions of times. The video below is a look at how data and data visualization can tell an effective story that has been developing over the last 200 years in just over four minutes:

Share an example of storytelling with data!
What is your favorite tool or resource for visualizing data?


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