Psst. A New Noise Campaign at the Library

Over the winter, we asked students, “What do you wish you had known about the Library during your first quarter at DePaul?” As always, many of you wrote in about noise. We want you to know, we hear you. That’s why the Library is rolling out its new noise campaign just in time for finals.  We want to help you choose the best noise environment for you and your work.  Whether you’re finishing up a project with friends or searching for a quiet little haven to focus on your own, we’ve got you covered.

“The first floor is a place where my friend and I could talk to study for exams.”

In another recent survey of students in the John T. Richardson Library, we asked how they chose where they wanted to study.  We used that feedback and anecdotal evidence to develop straightforward noise guidelines for each floor. The first and second floors are collaborative work areas where you can work and talk with friends at a moderate volume. They are also the spaces where you have the most access to Library technology.  The third and fourth floor are quiet areas where you will find most of our print collection, as well as our Special Collections and Archives. As we often hear on orientation tours, the higher you go, the quieter it will be.

“I try to write [on the third floor] every morning because it’s so quiet and the light is nice.”

We see the Library as a hub for the DePaul University community so we want to create spaces for students, faculty and staff with a variety of work and study preferences.  We hope these signs help you find the best place for your needs at the Library. We will be rolling out a similar campaign in the Loop Library this summer.

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