International Open Access Week 2019

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International Open Access Week begins October 21, 2019.

What is it? During the last week of October, institutions and individuals use this opportunity to raise awareness of the issues surrounding the difficulties in accessing scholarly literature and resources, and to highlight various open access resources.
Does DePaul University have any open access resources? Yes, we do!

For Open Access Week 2019, we’re highlighting Via Sapientiae, the institutional repository for DePaul University. Via Sapientiae holds a host of open-access resources, including books, journals, media galleries, and other items. These resources are freely available for the use of anyone at DePaul, or indeed, anywhere in the world. Via has a large number of visitors from elsewhere in the world, including France, the Philippines, and elsewhere.

DePaul Discoveries: a peer-reviewed journal that highlights work done by students in the College of Science and Health. Articles range from biology to mathematics to physics to psychology.

DePaul Law Review: An acclaimed journal published quarterly by students in the DePaul University College of Law, displaying the depth and breadth of legal research. In fact, the College of Law publishes a wide variety of legal journals, all available at

Vincentian Heritage Collections: digitized materials about Vincentian heritage and history, including items about and/or written by St Vincent de Paul, St Louise de Marillac, St. Elizabeth Seton, and many more important figures in the history of the Vincentian Family.

DePaul University’s Theses and Dissertations: Most of the university’s theses and dissertations produced since 2009 have been made available on Via. Departments and Colleges are required by the university’s policies and regulations to deposit any and all theses and dissertations produced after 2009 in the university’s repository. It’s possible through these to see the wide range of student research and interests pursued at this university, including areas as diverse as politics, vaudeville, biology of fish, poetry and poets, fan fiction, and more.

Open Access Textbooks: Textbooks written and produced by DePaul faculty, and which they’ve made available for general use. At the moment, this is a very small but growing section, with textbooks covering sociology and psychology. We’re working to add texts at this very minute, and hope to encourage our faculty to add more.

SelectedWorks: DePaul’s web-based service to help faculty highlight their scholarship, research, and other interests. DePaul’s SelectedWorks gallery is also attached to the university’s institutional repository, Via Sapientiae. Faculty can create and maintain pages on their own, or they can request that the library handle this for them, using our FacultyWorks service. For more information, please contact us at

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