(Library home pages: old and new)
(Library home pages: left/old and right/new)

Why does the library’s website look so different? DePaul’s Digital Experience and Analysis department has spent the year upgrading the university’s websites to a more current version of Sharepoint–the content management system we use.

The most obvious change is that the color scheme has been updated. We’ve also simplified the home page to include only the most crucial information (old and new versions of the home page pictured above). Also, the “Ask a Librarian” widget that appears on most of our pages will now be displayed at the bottom of the left-hand column as the new layout uses a two-column format.

We’re also happy to announce the inclusion of the pop-up chat widget into our main website with this update. If you’ve been inactive on a page for more than 10 seconds and someone is logged into our chat system, a popup will appear asking if you need help. This is known as a “proactive chat” service.

We’ll be continuing to make small changes to the site in the coming months, but you can still find our content in all the same spots; it just looks a little different. If you have any questions, be sure to Ask a Librarian!

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