PubMed.govA re-designed and improved version of the biomedical research resource, PubMed, has just been released by the National Library of Medicine.

The “new PubMed” can be accessed at All the Library’s PubMed access points—including A-Z Databases and Library Research Guides—have been updated with this new link, which is customized for DePaul. Bookmark it in your browser for even quicker access!

For those wishing to continue with the “legacy” version, it will be linked from the new PubMed home page until Spring 2020.

Here are some of the biggest changes incorporated into the new PubMed:
· Cleaner and easier-to-use search interface
· Mobile-friendly, device-responsive, and much better suited for searching on your phone or tablet
· Search results default to a ‘Best Match’ sort order (easily switchable to “Most Recent” if you prefer) that’s more consistent with the ‘relevance’ ranking of most other DePaul Library databases
· Citation creator links are provided in each article record (style choices include APA, AMA, MLA, & NLM)
· Abstract snippets are included in results listings
· Citation export options now include the EndNote’s ‘RIS’ format
· Filters and filter customization options are simpler to find and select
· The most useful PubMed tools and lookups are easier to find and use (e.g. MeSH Database; Advanced Search-Builder; Single Citation Matcher; Clinical Queries)
· You can now page back & forth between article records/abstracts (versus having to return to the ‘results list’ each time)

Other PubMed functionality that has been retained in the new version includes:
· Tools for saving and sharing your search results and searches
· Auto-generated links to “similar articles”
· A ‘Search Builder’ that allows you to specify which fields to search (e.g. Title, Author, Medical Subject Headings)
· PubMed’s translation & interpretation of your search terms and strategies
· Email alert options to notify you of newly-published articles meeting your search criteria

For user guides and other information on the new PubMed, go to:, and if you have any questions or comments about this, or any other library resources and services, please use our Ask A Librarian service.

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