This week in Reference: Montessori and Options Trading

 Image of wooden math teaching tiles

What do Montessori schools and options trading have in common? They were both topics of research in the library last week! Other topics coming to us recently:

  • digital animation in the ‘90s
  • human resources and the restaurant industry
  • Universal healthcare
  • Ottoman fountains in Jerusalem
  • annual budget of Yellowstone Park
  • women in Nazi Germany
  • La Gazette du Palais from December 1948
  • parental support of children with special needs

I’m looking for research on the use of food as materials in early childhood classrooms. I’ve looked in ERIC but nothing seems to be coming up and I wonder if there’s something I’m missing. Do you have ideas for keywords, or ideas?

Start with the following databases: ERIC, Education Research Complete, and Environment Complete. They can all be searched at the same time. Try words like “food” or “edible” in the first search box, “art” in the second search box and “early childhood” in the third.

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