Unwind the Mind with Circe, Featured Book for March

A great read for celebrating Women’s History Month this March is Circe, by author Madeline Miller.  Best selling author Miller tells the story of Circe, a witch from Homer’s Odyssey, and re-imagines the story of this relatively minor character.

In this novel, Circe lives an unhappy life.  Although she is an immortal god, she finds herself alone, and banished from her family and the rest of the world that she knows.  She ultimately must chose between living the life of a goddess – the life to which she was born – or joining the world of the mortals, with those she has come to love.  Through it all, the author weaves a tale of indomitable female strength in a man’s world.

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  1. Read it loved it! Thanks for encouraging others to read it. Those Greek myths are do powerful, relevant, and fun!

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