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When DePaul University Library books are in search of a new home, they often find one at Better World Books. Started among college friends and ultimate frisbee teammates at Notre Dame, Better World Books went from an idea formed during “post-graduation blues” to a company that has donated over 26 million books, recycled more than 320 million, and has raised over $28 million for literacy grants and libraries.

The Better World Books’ business model revolves around the core value of spreading the joy of reading by ensuring “preloved” books have a home for the future. For every book they sell, they donate a book to someone in need. In addition, the money from book sales goes towards funding literacy grants. One of these grants, awarded to the Gold Coast Down Syndrome Organization, provides tools for literacy to children with Down syndrome. The organization’s impact ranges from helping children read their first book to filling out job applications for older members. Better World Books also supplies grant funding to projects like OMACAN Mobile Libraries, an effort to create mobile libraries containing English literacy readers written by African authors to children and educational organizations in Africa. Check out other projects they have funded in 2019, as well as a full list of projects dating back to 2009 on their website.

When a DePaul University Library book finds a new home through Better World Books, all of the money goes towards DePaul student scholarships. If a book doesn’t find a new home with Better World Book customers, it is recycled. Since the start of March 2020, the Better World Books’ environmental report for DePaul University Library shows we have saved four trees and almost 3,000 gallons of water through our partnership.

If you are interested in purchasing books from the Better World Books’ website, you can reduce your carbon footprint by selecting carbon balanced shipping for just a few extra cents. So far, Better World Books has achieved 87,000 tons of carbon offsets on their shipping.

To read more about the work Better World Books does, check out their website, browse their store, and read their stories.

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