This Week in Reference: Covid-19 and Prisons, Caffeine and College Entrance Exams

During these unprecedented times, we hope your passion for learning gives you a sense of purpose and direction. When you need to find sources for a research paper, presentation, or project, we are here to help; just click the green Chat Now button on our website! Here are a few topics we helped students research this week:

  • statistics on caffeine addiction 
  • comparison of market crashes in 1929, 1987, and 2008
  • statistics on obesity in Chicago’s Latinx community
  • current issues in human resource management
  • infant mortality rates for cesarean sections
  • school counselors and special needs students
  • recent issue of the Wall Street Journal
  • inequity of college entrance exams for English language learners
  • how COVID-19 is affecting prisons
  • linking air pollution to higher death rates from COVID-19


I’m looking for articles about COVID-19 and “Do Not Resuscitate” orders in hospitals


We have a COVID-19 Research Guide which provides quick access to sources of published research and other research-related information on COVID-19. You’ll notice that PubMed is listed in the COVID-19 Research Guide. For your topic, it’s a great place to start. To ensure you don’t miss any articles because of variations in the disease name, we recommend using the Advanced search: enter “do not resuscitate”, and then copy & paste these variations of the disease name into the PubMed search box, connected by OR: (“coronavirus 2019” OR covid-19 OR covid19 OR 2019nCoV OR “2019 nCoV” OR “2019 novel coronavirus” OR “coronavirus 2019” OR “coronavirus disease 2019” OR “corona virus disease 2019” OR ((wuhan AND coronavirus) AND 2019/12[PDAT]:2030[PDAT]) OR (“SARS-CoV-2” AND 2019/12[PDAT]:2030[PDAT]) ).

As always, If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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