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Welcome to a new edition of This Week in Reference. We miss working with students, staff, faculty and visitors in person, but our chat service allows us to answer your questions while remaining safe at home. Here’s what you’ve been asking about.

  • Gallup poll data from the 1980s
  • Micro-enterprises among high school students with disabilities
  • Language use in professional communication
  • Recruitment strategies in nursing 
  • Homophobia in professional boxing
  • Cybersecurity threats and vulnerability in healthcare technology
  • St. Vincent quotes on the topic of prayer and contemplation
  • Nursing informatics 
  • DePaul Newsline articles from last year
  • Biodiversity and polar bears
  • Minimum wage in Japan
  • Security and safety of roommate-finding apps
  • Human trafficking in Ukraine
  • List of 1981 DePaul Law School graduates
  • Child obesity and coronavirus
  • Social norms and cultural beliefs about cemeteries

Here’s an in-depth look at a recent Ask a Librarian conversation:


Hi! I’m writing an APA style scientific research paper answering the question, “What can humans do to prevent polar bears from becoming an endangered species?” Can you help me find scholarly journals about the polar bear and biodiversity?

Librarian: hi there

Student: Hi!

Patron: I’m looking for scholarly resources on biodiversity & polar bears within the last 5 years

Librarian: hi, yes, I can help with that – one moment

Librarian: an environmental database will have good articles on this topic – I’m sending you a link to our environmental science research guide with database suggestions under “Articles”


Librarian: scroll down the page to see the databases – Environment Complete and GreenFile are both great choices and the others too

Student: Awesome, thank you!

Librarian: you’re welcome – did you want to try a few searches and look for keywords?

Student: yes! 🙂

Librarian: thanks for your patience!

Librarian: this is a quick search I started across 3 databases – 2 environmental and 1 bio:*%26quot%3b+AND+(+biodiversit*+or+endanger*+or+humans+)&type=1&searchMode=Standard&site=ehost-live&scope=site

Student: okay, thank you 🙂

Librarian: it’s just a quick try at keywords – scroll through the articles and look at the Subject words of the articles that look interesting

Librarian: also, on the left side, you can change the dates if you’d like just the last 5 years or so – also, if you need scholarly/academic journal articles, you can limit to scholarly/peer-reviewed only

Librarian: I’m going to play around with the search words – it’s a little less busy now. change the search so that you have “polar bear*” in the first search box and conservation in the second one. other good words are protect* or “wildlife management”

Librarian: a search with polar bears and (climate change or global warming) will also get at why polar bears are threatened. much of the environmental damage to their habitat is happening because of things humans have done that changed our environment, so searching on climate change and global warming will find useful information. here is a better search using the keywords I mentioned:*%26quot%3b+AND+(+environmental+impact+or+threat*++or+%26quot%3bclimate+change%26quot%3b+or+%26quot%3bglobal+warming%26quot%3b+or+human+beings+)&cli0=RV&clv0=Y&cli1=DT1&clv1=200201-202012&type=1&searchMode=Standard&site=ehost-live&scope=site

Patron: hi, yes, I was doing some research too haha! Thank you so much, yes I remembered I need to include ice melts or climate change in there with the search

Librarian: yes, ice melts – good idea!

Librarian: what about warming oceans or rising sea temperatures?

Librarian: so it sounds like you’re finding some useful info and are comfortable with the database searching?

Librarian: some of these websites may have reports available on polar bears:

Librarian: Geobase (database) also has some good articles:

Librarian: I searched ice melts and polar bears but you can try other words too

Student :here we go, okay, yes im comfortable. im getting into the groove of it. Thank you for working with me 🙂

Librarian: you’re welcome!

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