Posture, Privacy, and Printers Row

Royalty free image from pixabay. Four colorful spot illustrations depict people in the workplace. The workers are having conversations, gesturing, holding papers, and using computers. They are wearing face masks. They are surrounded by furniture, plants, and various symbols, charts, and graphs.


Have you heard of Ask a Librarian? It’s a quick and easy way to get help with your research. We can help you conquer information overload, support your papers with reliable facts, evidence, and analysis, learn new research skills, and find the most useful information quickly and easily. No question is too big or too small for our librarians and Peer Research Tutors. 

Here are some of the intriguing topics we helped with recently:

  • Breastfeeding behaviors of working mothers
  • The effectiveness of employee orientation programs
  • Body movements, gestures, and posture in the work environment
  • Nicotine addiction in young adults
  • How media representation influences children
  • History of the John T. Richardson Library
  • Antitrust laws, small businesses, and the pandemic
  • Privacy and security in enterprise systems
  • Industry research on luxury apparel and shoes
  • Michael Jordan’s impact on culture and branding
  • How workplace design impacts employee performance
  • History and redevelopment the Printer’s Row neighborhood 

Here’s an in-depth look at a recent Ask a Librarian conversation:

Student: Hi! I am writing a literature review on the relationship between technology overuse and family interaction. I am coming up short on proper keywords to search, do you have any suggestions?

Librarian:  Sure, let’s take a dive in and see

Student: Sounds good!

Librarian: We’ll start with a combined database search. One sec while I set it up.

Student: Perfect!

Librarian:  When you say “technology”, what do you mean specifically? Cell phone? Computers? Social media?

Student: I was typically looking at smartphone overuse, but I would be open to all possibilities.

Librarian: here is a combined database search that I started

Librarian: The databases searched are: APA PsycInfo, Computers & Applied Sciences Complete, Health and Psychosocial Instruments, and Health Source Consumer Edition

Student: this is perfect, thank you so much!!

Librarian: lots of articles coming up! let me know if you have questions about accessing an article or anything else.

Student: will do, thanks so much!

Librarian:  of course!

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